How to use Spreadshirt

How to use my design shop at Spreadshirt

It might seem a bit complicated, but it gives you a lot of control over the final product.


After you get to you will see the designer. You can chose your product (1) and then your design (2). With (3) you chose if you want your design on back or front , (4) is the choice of the product’s available colors.

Once you click on (2) you will see a pop-up window with designs available in my shop.

Just click on the design you want.


The design will be placed on the product. You can (1) move, (2) rotate, (3) resize the design.

As long as the design is highlighted you will see a pallette of colors* (5) you can change the original colors (round fields) by choosing one from the pallette.* (6) is the choice of the available print types*.

*the availability of colors and print types depends on the type of the uploaded design file and can vary.

The rest is following the instructions. 🙂


BTW, in the upper right corner of the window you can chose your preferred language.