How to use Spreadshirt

How to use my design shop at Spreadshirt

It might seem a bit complicated, but it gives you a lot of control over the final product, like adjusting the size, placement or even colors of the design (not always possible)
As with any other service of this kind you will have to register to make your order.
After you get to Spreadshirt EU or Spreadshirt USA you will see the homepage of my shop. You can choose one of the ready-made products and buy it as it is, or – if you like another colour, size or placement of the design – edit it.
Click on the product. You will seee a new window where you can choose the colour of the product in the palette on the right (1). To edit a design click on (2)
In the next window, if you click on the design, you will see a frame around it with two small icons on the corners. The left one is for deleting the current design, if you pull the right one, you can move, rotate, or resize the design. The bigger frame is the printing area of the product.
The small icons below the product (3) show you the possible placing for the design and (4) show you the printing method – you can choose e.g. velvety print.
You also see the current colours of the design (5) (in this case black and green). You can change them by clicking onto one of the colours listed below. The availability of colours and print types depends on the type of the product and the uploaded design and can vary.
When you are happy with the outcome, you click on the “Get Price” button and add the product to the basket. Then follow the instructions.
You also can start directly with the designer by clicking on START DESIGNING at the shop’s main page.
Just click on the design you want.
You can pick up an article by clicking on (6) or another design (7) or even add your own text (8). By clicking on the printing areas (3) you might add the same or another design to the back or other possible printing areas by clicking (7) again. Adding another print to the product will increase its price.
I hope it makes sense to you. 😉
BTW, in the upper right corner of the window, you can choose your preferred language.